Font Menu Cleaner Font Menu Cleaner

Font Menu Cleaner has been discontinued.
We hope it won’t be necessary in the future.

Are your font menus full of hundreds of strange fonts? Font Menu Cleaner can help!

Some popular apps will fill their font menus with every font they can find on your computer. Many of these fonts are “Supplemental“ fonts intended for documents that already use those fonts, or for apps that request those fonts by name. These Supplemental fonts also include older fonts and fonts for many different languages around the world.

Unfortunately, these apps aren’t supposed to display these fonts. And often, there is no way to hide these fonts or remove them from the font menu.

Font Menu Cleaner makes it easy to hide these fonts. If you ever do need any of them, you can easily re-enable them.

  • Just click the Clean up button to easily disable most Supplemental fonts.
  • Click the Restore defaults button to restore all Supplemental fonts.
  • Scroll through the list of fonts and individually enable or disable them one-by-one.
Note that some system fonts cannot be disabled.